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Photo Uploader

Ready to print your Click Books Item? Please upload your photos here.


1. Prepare the same number of photos with the pages that you ordered PLUS one photo for the cover. Please RENAME the cover photo "coverfile". 

EX: 40 Page book = 41 pictures (40 for the pages, 1 for the cover, renamed to "coverfile")

2. Upload your photos through our upload portal.

3. Fill up all the necessary information.

4. Please don't forget to click the green UPLOAD BUTTON.


1. Our book layout is 1 photo per page. Your photos are fitted to the maximum space of the page with a half inch border, without distorting your photo.

2. We will sequence the photos in the order they will appear in the upload form (ALPHABETICALLY). If you want the photos in a particular sequence, It would be best if you put your photos in 1 folder and rename or number your photos accordingly. Consequently, for uploads with no photo named "coverfile" we shall automatically use the first photo as the cover photo.

3. We will not process multiple file uploads of a single book. For example, for a single 80 page book, you have to upload a complete form with 81 files. You may not upload 1 batch of 40 photos and a second batch of 41. This order will not be processed. 

4. If you are ordering multiple copies of a single book, please indicate this in the remarks section. 

5. If you are ordering several books with different titles, please upload each one on a separate upload form. 

6. For themed photo book covers (Valentine, Summer, Christmas, etc) no need to send a cover file.

7. Kindly check the guidelines on what are standard and custom covers and how titles are printed on them. The guide is on the photo sequence of the product on the online store as well as on our FAQ section. 

IMPORTANT: Please don't forget to include the order number we sent you through email. This will serve as your order confirmation.