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Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Services

What kinds of books do you print?

We make hardbound photo books in 4 different sizes; 3x5 inches, 4x6 inches, 6x6 inches, and 8x8 inches. They are available in 40, 60, and 80 pages.

Do you print other products besides photo books?

Yes we do! at this time, we also offer photo blocks and personalized journals. Each can be custom made with your name and/or photo. They all have several design options so please visit our catalog on the website.

Can we design our own items and have you print it?

The Click Books website offer only pre-designed items. However if you have custom printing needs, please send us an email so we can discuss your requirements.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do! Our shop however is strictly for production only. All Click Books transactions are strictly online only. You can however, visit us if you want to check out our production office :-)


How to Order

What's the process in ordering your books?

You can order through a 2 easy steps:
First - Purchase the product in the online shop
Second - Upload your photos to our photo upload portal

How do I pay for my order?

We offer 3 payment options:
1. Credit Card Payment through Paypal
2. Bank Deposit through Metrobank
3. Cash on Delivery (in selected areas)

How do I avail of the Cash on Delivery Option (COD)?

We currently offer Cash On Delivery (COD) within Metro Manila. The rates are indicated on the checkout page of each product. You may send us a message on facebook if you need clarification on the rates for your area.

What type of files can I upload and what is the best image resolution?

We only accept jpeg and png files.
For the best print resolution, you can't go wrong with a 300 dpi file. However, we can also print lower resolution images at around 72 dpi for a 4x6 inch photo.

Can I send photos from my Facebook album?

Yes you can! but since Facebook will downscale your photos, we strongly advise that you download your photos yourself and check the quality and sequence in which you want them to appear on your book.

Do you have a visual guide on how to order and upload photos?

To guide you better, We made this real time screen recording on how to order.

For the upload requirements, We also have a complete guide on our Upload Portal


Lead Time and Delivery

How long until I receive my order?

We have a standard turnaround time of 3-5 working days. Within Metro Manila, normally your will receive your book on the 4th business day. For provincial orders, depending on the location, please allow up to 7 business days.

How do you make the books so quick?

Our company's main product are photo books. We have been printing books since 2010 and our experience and equipment allows us to print books quicker than other print services, while meeting the best possible quality.

How do you ship your products?

For purchases made through credit card and bank deposit, we ship our items through Metrowide Delivery. You may also request for your preferred courier if you wish to do so.

How can I track my item?

Once your item has finished production, Our system will automatically send you and email notification. The email contains complete tracking numbers and a link to the courier website.

Can I ship to a different address?

Yes you may! for security purposes however, this option is only available for item paid through credit card or bank deposit.


Design and Layout

Can you do a custom layout for my book?

Click Books is currently designed as a quick turnaround photo book service. Because of this, we do not currently offer design services. Layout design takes quite a bit of time. It involves many revisions and approvals.

Our stock layout however is very clean and simple. Perfect for documenting and archiving your photos.

How many photos can I fit in to my book order?

We layout our books on a 1 photo per page basis. So for example, if you order a 40 page book, please send us 40 photos + 1 photo for the cover. However, you can use a photocollage app in your phones to create your own layout, just make sure you save it in the highest possible resolution available within the app and should follow the layout orientation of the album you ordered whether it is rectangular - 3x5 & 4x6 albums, or square layout such as 6x6 and 8x8 albums.

Please rename the cover photo, "coverfile" so we can distinguish which one to use for your cover.

What sequence will my photos be printed on the book pages?

We print your photos in the order they are uploaded to our upload portal. Sometimes however, they are rearranged because some files upload faster than others. Please also take note that Clickbooks' album "page 1" starts on the right side and "page 2" will be printed at the back.

If you want your photos to appear in a particular order, we suggest you rename them as numbered files. ex: JapanTrip01, JapanTrip02, and so on.

What are my options for the book cover?

We offer 2 types of cover options.

First is the standard cover where you submit a photo and we fit it on a standard frame on your book cover. Second is our custom cover where you can have a full page print or full bleed as we call it.

For our custom covers, you would have to submit a cover that is the same size as your book. For example, for a 6x6 inch book, you would have to submit a 6x6 inch photo.

You have to embed or edit the text and other designs on your final image file. Please refer to the guide below about texts on custom and standard covers.


Can my photos be printed up to the edge of the pages?

We currently do not do full edge or full bleed printing as it is technically called. We trim the edges of our page to give it a uniform edge.

When we trim, there is the danger of cutting an important part of your photo if your photo is printed to the edge. For this reason, we placed a half inch border before the edge of each page.


Build and Print Quality

What type of books do you make?

Our books are hard bound coffee table books. We use a reinforced perfect binding system that assures a very durable and well made book.

What kind of paper do you use for the pages and cover?

We use 200gsm satin imported acid free paper for our pages. These are heavy and thick pages almost as thick as the type used in business cards but a little thinner. It is non-yellowing and rated not to discolor many years.

For our covers, it's made of thick board and printed with imported paper as well. It is finished with a matte film laminate for protection from dust and liquid spills.

The finished book is similar to heavy hard bound books in you can find in leading book stores.

What type of printer do you use?

We print all our items using a full color digital press. A true digital press is different from ordinary inkjet printers because our prints are very similar to large publishing houses. Inkjet printers are consumer printers. They use liquid inks that can discolor and smudge with any type of moisture.

Digital presses on the other hand are commercial printers. Our prints dry to a hard layer. This makes the prints non-smudging and resistant to minor spills of water. It is also archival quality and rated not to discolor for over 200 years.

What kind of binding do you use for your books?

All our books are finished with a technique we call reinforced perfect binding. We do the standard perfect bind method but it's reinforced with our own type of stitching. The result is an extremely durable book that will not tear on the spine even if it is tugged on.

Can you print in high quality even with low resolution photos?

Low resolution photos can be printed but we cannot guarantee the best print outs. Asa a standard procedure, Our software does minor sharpening on your photos but it will not fully enhance a low resolution image. It is still recommended that you send photos with 300dpi resolution to ensure good quality prints.


Click Squad Points Program

What is Click Squad?

Click Squad is our membership points program wherein members can earn points for sharing Click Books through social media. You can also earn points for every purchase on the online store. We also send points for special dates of our members. We also give birthday points on your birthday or other special holidays. Points can be converted to instant discounts or sometimes even free items!

How do I join the Click Squad?

Joining Click Squad is very easy! just click on the pink Click Squad button on the side of the page to sign up. Complete the details and that's it! your're already a member. You get an instant 200 points upon sign up. You can claim a 40% discount coupon right away for your first photo book with your 200 click squad points!


I can get instant points upon sign up?

That's a big YES! no purchase required. Just sign up as a member and you get instant 200 points that you can use to redeem our 40% discount coupon that you can apply to our photo book products.


What are the other ways to earn points?

There are several ways to earn Click Squad Points. Here's a list of how:

1. You can like our Facebook Page

2. You can share our Facebook Page.

3. You can follow our Instagram Page.

4. You can refer our online store to a friend, A referral link can be seen on your Click Squad account

5. You also get instant birthday points on your special day!

6. You get points for every purchase on the online store.